Best Practices

Provided information has been developed to aid in a successful classroom experience. Before “stepping” into the classroom, it is strongly encouraged that you take time to review set forth guidelines.


  • Many teachers will request support leading up to the class rather than having you teach the course. This is completely acceptable. DO NOT take it personally. Teachers are merely abiding by rules set forth. Remember, this course has been designed to be taught without a REALTOR® or financial professional present.
  • If a teacher requests your assistance the day of class, be it online or in-person, dress appropriately. Students look to you as a professional. More importantly, you are representing the REALTOR® brand.
  • Be respectful of scheduled times. Work to be early, so you can begin on time. Teachers have a full schedule, and we want to respect the time they have graciously given to our program.
  • Take time to communicate with the teacher before class to understand what questions or topics may merit more attention.
  • Familiarize yourself with the “Terms of Real Estate” offered within the course as this ensures you are utilizing the same terminology being taught to the students.
  • Prepare classroom exercises in advance. Case study questions have already been developed however, sharing real-world experiences, and engaging the class in a group project, greatly increase retention of the provided material.
  • Avoid ‘singling out’ or ‘making examples’ of individual students. Practice communication styles of inclusion by working together and encouraging group work. If a student prefers induvial work, that is fine. Be supportive and encouraging.
  • Remember, you are representing the REALTOR® brand. Be professional, supportive, and positive about our industry, your peers, and the importance of being an informed consumer.
  • Don’t be afraid to say, “Great Question! Though I don’t have an immediate answer, I will find out.” In the case you do not know an answer to a question, check into it during/after class and follow up with the teacher accordingly. Remember, not following up on a promise made negatively reflects our industry.
  • Remember, there will be diverse housing experiences in the classroom. Be emotionally supportive when connecting It’s Your Move content to a student’s personal life. Most importantly, be understanding of different experiences other than your own. It is our job as REALTORS® to support increasing housing opportunities and the American Dream of homeownership.
  • DO NOT take photos or videos in the classroom.