Training Video


Part 1: Understanding respect, relationships, and adolescent minds

Working with adolescents can be both frustrating and invigorating. Today’s adolescents are insightful, passionate, idealistic and sensitive. It is important when working with adolescents we understand the teenage brain to make the most of students’ potential. During this session, you will hear from Dr. Deana Layton as she discusses what current neuroscience research tells us about how the adolescent brain works. We use this information to learn the essential instructional elements educators can implement that will help students develop the ability to think, make positive choices, handle social conflict and regulate their emotions.


Part 2: It’s Your Move program basics, including available resources

Consistency is key. In this section, we discuss best practices – beginning with promotion, through implementation. We also share available resources to ensure consistency and confidence in your promotion and implementation of It’s Your Move.