REALTOR® Resources

Thank you for volunteering to serve as a REALTOR® educator! To better serve you and your mission to implement It’s Your Move into high school classrooms in your area, we have provided the following resources to ensure consistency and confidence while doing so.

Statewide Educator Contact Lists

To save you time, we have collected contact information for high school teachers throughout the state. What’s even better than that? It’s broke down by region!

Best Practices

Before “stepping” into the classroom, take time to review the provided guidelines set forth to aid in a successful classroom experience.

Social Media Resources

To assist in sharing the story of It’s Your Move in your local community, we encourage you to take advantage of this FREE resource!

Communication Templates

Whether you are making initial contact with a teacher or a potential REALTOR® educator in your area, or requesting simply requesting feedback, we have you covered!

REALTOR® Progress Report

As a REALTOR® educator, we ask that you provide quarterly progress reports highlighting the success of It’s Your Move in your area. Click here to begin.

Training Video

This training video has been designed to instill consistency and confidence for REALTOR® educators preparing to promote and implement It’s Your Move.

Meet your Regional Director!

As each area of the state is unique, we have assigned you a Regional Director to assist in the promotion and implementation of It’s Your Move.