Communication Templates

Whether you are making initial contact with a teacher or potential REALTOR® educator in your area or requesting course feedback, we have you covered! The communication templates provided below are designed to be used by REALTOR® educators to ensure consistency when promoting the It’s Your Move program.

This template has been designed to assist you in your initial outreach and promotion of It’s Your Move to selected teachers in your area.

In addition to sharing as a friendly reminder that the big day is just around the corner, take this opportunity and ask teachers if they have any final questions leading up to their presentation of It’s Your Move.

On occasion, teachers find benefit in inviting a financial professional to speak on behalf of consumer credit and real estate transitions. If requested, this template should be used to assist in the recruitment of a financial representative.

To ensure your guest speaker is ready for the big day, take this opportunity to share a friendly appointment reminder and ask if they have final questions before presenting.

This template is designed to thank a teacher for implementing It’s Your Move into their classroom and ask that they take moment to provide feedback via a survey. Doing so ensures a greater opportunity to improve future performance and classroom engagement with students.

As a REALTOR® educator, expanding your network of like-minded REALTORS® to assist in the implementation of It’s Your Move is key. The provided text has been developed to get the conversation going!